A selection of recent papers and proposals

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Video: The Future of Town Centres: Moving Forward in Changing Times’, November 2021.

New Local Plan

February 2021

New Local Plan, by Hilary Jordan
Service Manager on Spatial Planning for Dorset County.

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Position Statement: The impact on Poundbury Camp

May 2020

The impact on Poundbury Camp, including associated monuments and a section of Roman aqueduct, of proposed development north of Dorchester.

Position Statement re 37-38 High West Street, Dorchester

Nov 2019

Dorchester Civic Society Position Statement on development of 37-38 High West Street

Transport Trends

April 2020

Scott Witchalls, Director Transport & Infrastructure – Stantec

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Dorchester 2050

November 2019

What can we learn from other long-term visions – Prof. Tim Dixon, Reading University

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National Park Boundary Submission

May 2019

Why Dorchester and its landscape setting should be included within the proposed National Park. 

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Joint Local Plan Review: Position Statement

October 2018

Approved at a meeting of the Society’s Committee on 2 October 2018 following an AGM on18 September 2018

Dorchester Town Centre Masterplan

December 2018

Response of the Dorchester Civic Society to the developing strategy

A Guide to High West & East Street

September 2018

Discover the highlights of Dorchester’s main street

Principles of Appraising Planning Applications

January 2018

How we assess a weekly list from WDDC

Dorchester Town Centre Improvements

December 2017

A letter to town councillors concerning town centre retail enhancements.

Slyers Lane Wind Farm

January 2017

Position Statement

Dorchester Prison Site

October 2015

Position Statement on Future Development & Uses

Community Involvement

February 2014

Dorchester Civic Society comments

Home Town or Clone Town

November 2013

Alistair Parker

Principles of Placemaking


Dr David Evans

Resilient Dorchester

March 2014

Lessons from an Interconnected World – Joe Doak